GLONASS for federal transport

  • полиция.jpgAutomated satellite navigation and information fleet management system for the State Courier Service of Russia

  • Automated navigation and information fleet management system for Russian Post (launched in four Caucasus republics: North Ossetia-Alania, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya)

  • Mobile police squad management system developed to order for the Moscow Government

  • Police staff and resources management system for various regions of Russia

  • Fleet management system for Ministry of Emergency Situations (fire-fighting and rescue vehicles)


Mobile police patrol

Emercom of Russia
(emergencies ministry)

Regional and local police departments

  • Over 5,000 vehicles equipped with AVL terminals

  • 242 dispatcher workplaces

  • Servers and system software

  • Custom software

  • 250 rugged PDA’s

  • 4,000 vehicles

  • Used in various divisions such as fire brigades, rescue detachment forces, etc.

  • Entire territory of Russia

  • 5,000 vehicles

  • Several regions of Russia



  • Solution scalability and flexibility

  • Multi-level structure support

  • Dual-mode GLONASS / GPS support

  • Support of different on-board monitoring equipment

  • Integration with other IT-systems (video-monitoring and recording , etc.)

  • Industrial architecture

  • Knowledge and expertise