Precise Positioning

Precise positioning is the array of techniques to obtain the location of an object with better than a few centimeters accuracy.

With the recent advent of Global Navigation Satellite Systems – GLONASS and GPS – precise positioning has been incorporated into production processes of various industries and businesses, such as mining, agriculture and construction. Many experts expect it to become a widely accepted standard and rapidly transform into a worldwide industry driving force in a matter of several upcoming years.

SpaceTeam® portfolio includes a number of exclusive software and hardware products specifically designed for the hard-driving use cases with premium precision requirements. Combined into an integrated system, they provide an excellent choice for any high precision monitoring needs.

Long-term field trials at crucial construction in Sochi region have proven SpaceTeam® solutions to be effective, reliable and economically sound.

Navigation contour accuracy average:

  • Real-time offset reading – 2 cm

  • Post-processed offset reading – 5 mm

  • Data certainty – above 96%

Measurement contour accuracy average:

  • Offset reading – 0.1 mm

  • Angle reading – 0.01°

According to the user feedback, SpaceTeam® solutions introduction decrease the cost of preventive maintenance, operating company upkeep and field work charge by the average of 15%.