Areas of Business

SpaceTeam® business is development and integration of the latest GLONASS and GPS-based solutions for government, municipal, and commercial clients from petroleum, agricultural, vehicle manufacturing, mining, passenger and freight transportation, construction, healthcare, housing and public utilities, energy, and many other economic sectors.

SpaceTeam® Ecosystem:

  • Research and Development

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Systems Integration

  • Expert Review

  • Services


We provide a comprehensive technical support for all supplied equipment, systems and application software through the single countrywide “access point”, available in Russia and other CIS members

SpaceTeam – IT-company is the leading navigational team in the Russian transport telematics and satellite navigation market based on GLONASS / GPS technologies, М2М technologies, FMS


Fleet Management  Systems

Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management solutions are the family of business operation support systems, which are used to optimize the management of a company’s mobile resources. They commonly incorporate data logging, satellite positioning along with data communication and analytics.