Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management solutions are the family of business operation support systems, which are used to optimize the management of a company’s mobile resources.

They commonly incorporate data logging, satellite positioning along with data communication and analytics. While savings in fuel, vehicle miles driven, and worker overtime are obvious benefits, fewer accidents, improved driver behavior and better execution of corporate and agency mandates deliver even more value.


SpaceTeam® intelligent fleet management systems are built upon most recent advancements in technology and are meant to answer the high-tech needs of the fast-growing markets. As a team of experienced industry pioneers, SpaceTeam® sees fleet management as a crucial function for any business involved, and is committed to supply every client with the most fitting customized solution possible. And the rich portfolio of exclusive hardware and software products would determine most flexible pricing, extensive manufacturer’s warranty and one-stop technical escort.

  • Pro-class navigation

  • Logistic optimization

  • Traffic avoidance

  • Precision tracking

  • Time management

  • Improved Driver safety

  • Environment responsibility

  • Remote management

Audited benefits of the SpaceTeam® fleet management solutions, based on past customer experience (customer back-up?), are:

  • Up to 30% production efficiency growth

  • 15% to 20% fuel economy

  • 10% cut on maintenance

  • Overall competitive growth