Municipal Services

Satellite GLONASS / GPS transport monitoring is widely used by utility companies to operate and maintain specialized machinery (dumptrucks, combined motor transport etc).

Automated GLONASS-based monitoring has proven to be an efficient instrument of corporate governance, conflict arbitration and profitability management for businesses of the utilities sector.

GLONASS / GPS-based Municipal Services Fleet Management Solution

  • 30% better performance

  • 15% to 30% POL cost saving

  • Up to 10% cut on vehicle repair expenses


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NEW explosion-proof GLONASS terminal saves from stealing expensive containers and bins in housing and communal services

Automated utilities transportation monitoring system based on the SpaceTeam® telematics server. SpaceTeam® specialists developed a unique transportation and specialized machinery fleet management solution for utility companies – on the basis of ST CrossPoint® dispatcher software. The solution is powered by SpaceTeam® telematics server.


  • Reduced cost of system maintenance. The maintenance expertise is outsourced to a telematics operator – SpaceTeam® system integrator

  • You pay a flat rate subscription fee for each unit of monitoring, equipped with GLONASS / GPS hardware (cellular GPRS traffic included)

  • Data processing and handling is maintained on a SpaceTeam® operator server

  • You get a cost-effective and practical solution for automated management of both transport vehicles and specialized machinery

Issues to solve

  • Untimely waste disposal

  • Scarce street cleaning and reagentizing

  • Untimely and erratic cargo deliveries

  • Off-site waste dumping

  • Breach of treaty obligations with management companies and town council

  • Unauthorized hauls

Advantages of the solution

  • Improved management efficiency in the course of commercial and government contracts

  • Quality control of the services, provided in the course of contracts

  • Reduced labor effort for control procedures

  • Reduced times, spent on scheduling

  • Converged, centralized technological environment for data processing etc.