GLONASS / GPS satellite fleet monitoring for leasing companies

GLONASS / GPS-based satellite fleet management system for leasing is an efficient and innovative tool of automated control of transportation assets, used as subject of lease or rental, for addressing common problems in the field of leasing business.

SpaceTeam® holding performs: implementations of industrial fleet management systems on a turnkey basis, leased vehicle equipments with GLONASS hardware, service maintenance and support.


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Leasing solutions by SpaceTeam® holding


ST Leasing® system based on a rented SpaceTeam® operator telematics server with subscription fee

If your company has a small vehicle fleet and your main business is leasing, it is recommended to buy a fleet management system based on SpaceTeam® telematics server and pay a monthly tech-support fee for every transportation unit.

СТ Матикс.jpg

ST Leasing® system based on a client owned telematics server without any subscription fees

If your company is a major leasing enterprise with a fleet of more than 50 vehicles, strict security policies, and in-house IT-staff, it is recommended to buy a leasing fleet monitoring system based on a stand-alone telematics server – and pay quarterly fee for its technical support.

ST Leasing - СпейсТим

ST Leasing® system based on web access management service

If your company is a leasing transportation enterprise with a fleet of less than 70 vehicles and there is a need to track your vehicles in real time, including their speed and course, but no need to have an automated multifunctional dispatcher’s management system, we recommend you a web-based solution ST Web.

Specialized functions

  • Control zones for a single vehicle as well as for a group

  • Control of a leased vehicle location, speed and direction

  • Zone breach detection, real-time search of a vehicle in the event of emergency

  • Enforcement of operating protocols for the leased machinery

  • Leasing contracts duration accounting

  • Warranty usage period accounting

  • Adherence to leasing contract specifications analysis

Advantages for lessors (owners of vehicles / machinery)

  • Reduced number of unauthorized uses of machinery within territories, not specified in financial lease contract

  • Reduced number of operating protocol violations though executing of sanctions for violations

  • Decreased cost of vehicle inspections due to remote monitoring and real-time control of location, movements and operations (up to $15000 per person)

  • Decreased possibility of a hijacking

  • Possibility to deny access

  • Reduced insurance cost (5-10%)