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GLONASS / GPS-based fleet monitoring system for freight transportation businesses

GLONASS / GPS satellite transport monitoring is widely used among the motor trucking companies – intracity, intercity, international, hauling etc. GLONASS / GPS satellite navigation is a promising trend in business automation for companies owning a vehicle fleet.

GLONASS / GPS-based fleet monitoring system is an efficient tool of automated control over the company’s mobile assets.

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Freight traffic solutions by SpaceTeam® holding


ST CrossPoint® system based on SpaceTeam® telematics server

For a commercial company with a primal business of transportation, forwarding services or domestic and international freight traffic, it is recommended to buy a fleet monitoring system powered by SpaceTeam® telematics server – and pay a monthly tech-support fee for each transportation unit, equipped with the GLONASS hardware.

ST CrossPoint® system based on a private telematics server

For large commercial enterprises with vehicle fleets of various industry applications, strict security policies, and an in-house IT-staff, it is recommended to buy a monitoring system based on a stand-alone telematics server – and pay quarterly fee for its technical support.

Advantages of the satellite transport monitoring and vehicle tracking for the freight transportation companies

Freight traffic monitoring provides an increase of a company’s economic indicators, minimizes the fleet operating cost and maintenance, maximizes profit, ensures transportation safety and increases the company’s marketability through:

  • Efficient automated management of the fleet

  • On-line control and tracking of the fleet

  • Optimized dispatching service

  • Increased driver and dispatcher discipline

  • Increase of turnaround times

  • Decrease of downtimes and delays

  • POL saving due to control and analysis of fuel fraud

  • Minimization of repair expenses caused by inefficient mileage

  • Elimination of unauthorized use and unofficial trips

  • Increased mobility and rapidity, delivery cycle guarantee

  • Reduced insurance rates due to reduced insured perils

  • «Just-in-time» deliveries improve service of the cargo owner

  • Reduced costs of road accidents due to road regulations enforcement

Important to know:

During intercity or international transportation, GSM expenses are optimized by using two SIM-cards in the STAB® Liner telematics terminals.