SpaceTeam® – leading developer of innovative SOFTWARE products for corporate business process automation

Specialized navigation softwareSpecialized navigation software included into hardware-software configuration of GLONASS/GPS-based transport monitoring solutions is the main tool of transportation automation.

SpaceTeam® offers a broad list of innovative specialized proprietary software products as well as full range of services of navigation software installation and setup, ERP integration, technical support and customization in accordance with client’s individual requirements.

Good to know

To select optimal software functionality you need to decide on what is expected as a result: a simple transportation monitoring and fuel control, tracking, real-time fleet management or extended analysis and accountability capabilities as well.

SpaceTeam® lineup includes: industry-specific fleet monitoring and management automation software, telematic platforms for large-scale distributed monitoring systems, operator’s platforms for creating «turnkey» telematics operator business solutions, mobile and web-based applications, international and business-plug-ins, mapping software.


    SpaceTeam® is a leading developer of innovative software solutions for automated transportation monitoring and dispatching based on satellite technologies of GLONASS and GPS. Personnel of the holding are professionals with 18-year expertise in the field of satellite navigation. All software products are developed in accordance to background of experience, leading expertise, scientific and technological consulting.

    SpaceTeam® software product line is composed in such a way, that combining various items, one is able to create a solution for any type of enterprise with any number of fleet units – from several to several hundreds and thousands – with regard to security policies.

    Software development

    • Telematics platforms as the basis for corporate and regional navigation information systems

    • Packaged software products

    • Specialized business plugins for industry sectors

    • Mobile apps and web applications

    Technical support

    • Engineering and technical consulting

    • Software customization for the client

    • Integration with internal IT systems

    R&D within the scope of government contracts: Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, ERA-GLONASS, and others

    Integration of navigation software with popular platforms (1C:Enterprise and others)

    Systems integrator for projects: 1-1-2 System, ERA-GLONASS, EMERCOM and Ministry of Interior management systems, Analytical system for control and oversight over hazardous cargo transportation, including Rostransnadzor 1-1-2, public transport safety system, and vehicle monitoring and management systems


    The technological basis of the system is telematic platform ST Matix®. The platform supports more than 100 different types of on-board navigation and telecom GLONASS/GPS equipment (AVL-terminals) and flexible opportunities for server-to-server information exchange.

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