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SpaceTeamOur press office representatives will provide you with recent industry news, leading expert opinions, cutting edge market analytics and navigation market prospects.

Here you will find information about recent GLONASS technology developments and projects, as well as the navigation industry evolution in Russia and abroad.

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The senior management of the holding are the key experts in the field – with deep understanding of its intricacies and multi-year experience of its formation.

Key Topics of Expertise

  • Current state, perspective, general trends and competitive environment of the transportation telematics and satellite navigation market in Russia and abroad

  • Government policies and legal guarantee of the navigation in Russia

  • Innovation in transportation telematics and satellite navigation

  • Worldwide telecommunication and navigation technologies development

  • Intelligent transport systems development

  • Industry implementation of satellite transportation monitoring

  • Development and implementation of the departmental navigation-based transport management systems

  • Technological aspects of the major infrastructure GLONASS-based projects: Transneft, Moscow and other Russian cities’ ITS, Russian Post, ERA GLONASS, 12-ton trucks, RNIC, RNIS, and others

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