GLONASS terminals and video surveillance system by SpaceTeam® are using in low-floor trams

SpaceTeam®, Russian 100% low-floor trams manufacturer “Vityaz” and City Star are signed supply agreement (contract) on electronic equipment and hardware/software visual control complex “Transport-Video®” in interest of passenger sequrity.

All single section City Star  trams will be equipped with Granite-Navigator 4.14 terminal. Terminal has GLONASS/GPS receiver onboard which allows to fix precise geo position of the tram. GSM module with two SIM-cards make available to send position and sensors information to the control centre as well as to establish voice connection between driver and dispatcher.

Triple section “Vityaz” trams equipped with Granite-Navigator 2.07 terminal. This telematics device has monochrome 5 inch professional screen to show user interface elements and technical information. Rich functional of device include positioning, cameras management and automatic announcement system, that manage voice announcements and information boards inside the tram, using geopositioning.

Both devices equipped with non-volatile memory  allows to store positioning information, has “alarm button” and can be re-configured by-the-air, using SMS messages.

Video surveillance system integrates with GLONASS complex. Single section trams equipped with 8 independent video cameras, triple section trams equipped with 10 cameras. Number of cameras and their placement allows to  have total overview of road situation, tram driver behavior and situation inside the tram. All information in real time translates over-the-air into the dispatching center and managing by Transport-Video® software complex.

Using GLONASS positioning and video fixation allows to react and manage emergency situation, such as terror treatments, vandalism and criminal events. Total overview, that operator gains from video surveillance system makes available objective road accidents investigations, shows drivers behavior and mistakes. Alarm button function allows fast alarm announcement sending to emergency services and two the police.