SpaceTeam has certified its products for the compliance with international quality standards

The Certificate of Conformity to IATF 16949-2016 Standard was obtained by SpaceTeam recently. This Certificate confirms the  compliance with product quality management for the global automotive industry in terms of design and production of ERA-GLONASS devices.

"Santel-Navigation" (part of the SpaceTeam group) has received a certificate of compliance with the IATF 16949-2016 standard for compliance with product quality management for the global automotive industry. IATF 16949 is an ISO-developed specification that harmonizes American, German, French and Italian quality system standards within the global automotive industry. It defines the requirements for quality systems in the design/development, production, installation and maintenance of automotive products.

"Obtaining this certificate is necessary for us as a supplier of automotive components. They confirm the high quality of our products that meet the standards of the global automotive industry. For most of the leading automobile manufacturers, certification according to these specifications is one of the mandatory requirements for business dealing in this industry. And we get the right to supply our products to the assembly plants of all major automotive manufacturers around the world", – said the SpaceTeam Technical Director of Mikhail Postnikov.

SpaceTeam product line includes  a large selection of components and navigation-communication equipment for the automotive industry, in particular on-board intelligent telematics systems, equipment for transport satellite monitoring, M2M-devices.Since 2015 SpaceTeam has been supplying ERA-GLONASS emergency response terminals to automobile manufacturers (GAZ, LIAZ, PAZ, URAL, Ford, Serra, KAVZ, ZHONGTONG and many others) and is among the Top-3 Russian suppliers.