ERA-GLONASS Plus Partnership Program Launched

SpaceTeam® recently have launched new partnership program named “ERA-GLONASS Plus” SpaceTeam® recently have launched new partnership program named “ERA-GLONASS Plus”

SpaceTeam recently have launched new partnership program named ERA-GLONASS Plus. Several dealer contracts are signed and shipments ERA-GLONASS Granit-Navigator-6.18 ERA for aftermarket use in Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Ryazan, Orenburg and other regions of the Russian Federation already started.

According to SpaceTeam® CEO Alexei Smyatskih, the company launched a unique program that will significantly affect the development of the ERA-GLONASS project in the regions. "We have repeatedly stressed the importance of ERA-GLONASS project for the development of navigation services. These services are important for drivers and managers, owners of commercial fleets who receive direct benefits, maximize profits and minimize costs for the fleet, from 10 to 30%, saving millions of rubles a year.

“Now, when the procedures for ERA-GLONASS terminals installation onto aftermarket cars are developed and launched, all restrictions removed to the widest possible coverage of all categories of car owners. Sure it will give a significant subscriber growth for companies that can offer high-quality telematic services on attractive conditions", – says Alexei Smyatskih.

SpaceTeam® recently  have launched new partnership program named “ERA-GLONASS Plus”Due to the large interest in the ERA-GLONASS equipment, and, in particular, to the Granit-Navigator-6.18 ERA, there was a need for the establishment of certified service centers for the installation of ERA-GLONASS in the regions. SpaceTeam® plans to supply customers with the equipment, conduct training of specialists on issues related to the installation and maintenance of devices. "ERA-GLONASS Plus" provides a thorough training for the specialists of such service center in accordance with a specially designed program. The program includes training on ERA-GPONASS equipment installation and testing, configuration, and device identification.

Today the SpaceTeam® warehouses have sufficient and necessary stock of devices supporting ERA-GLONASS. Granit-Navigator-6.18 ERA is not just a device of calling emergency services, but is primarily a telematics GLONASS/GPS satellite AVL-terminal for vehicle monitoring, insurance telematics, as well as other useful telematic services for managers and owners of commercial fleets.