Granit-navigator-6.18 ERA device is certified for installation in school buses

A telematic terminal Granit-navigator-6.18 ERA designed and manufactured by SpaceTeam® A telematic terminal Granit-navigator-6.18 ERA designed and manufactured by SpaceTeam®

A telematic terminal Granit-navigator-6.18 ERA designed and manufactured by SpaceTeam® is certified to comply with Technical regulations of the Customs Union «Safety of wheeled vehicles» as a device for calling emergency services (UVESS) ERA-GLONASS for installation in smaller class buses of make PAZ, type 3205, 3206 and medium class buses for in-city and commuter transportation, type 4234.

It is the first certification of PAZ, type 3205 – a small class bus for in-city and commuter transportation, children transportation (school bus) and special vehicle for transportation of rotational workers, specialized construction teams and seasonal workers in agriculture. The model is one of the most demanded by Russian market made by Pavlovo bus factory (PAZ) with enhanced performance, attractive cost of ownership, affordable price and high reparability, equipped with the ERA-GLONASS. The Granit-navigator-6.18 ERA device and its peripheral equipment – alarm button, loudspeaker, microphone and indication are installed onboard in an assembling stage at the factory.

«We know that a programme of school buses fleet modernization was launched. Given a leading role of PAZ in production of the school buses, we strived to certify as quickly as possible together with the factory’s specialists UVEOS Granit-navigator-6.18 namely for the model 3205. Now every school bus that comes off a conveyor line may be equipped with a certified kit ERA-GLONASS», comments Aleksei Smaytskikh, a director general of navigational holding SpaceTeam, the device’s developer.  

Let’s remind that since 1 July 2015, additional requirements have been effect for school buses, used for children’s transportation. According to Evgeny Meilikhov, a vice-director of the NPO «GLONASS» development department, following requirements for an organized transportation of children, there should be used a bus, which is no older than 10 years since its production date, complying with requirements for passenger transportation, having admission to road traffic use and equipped with satellite navigation system GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS. «Granit-navigator-6.18 device provides these functions in addition to ERA. This kit demonstrates possibilities of the ERA terminals with extended functions», the expert added.

In case of a traffic accident the Granit-navigator-6.18 device will provide an instant data transmission about a vehicle (identification number VIN, exact coordinates, etc.) to an operator ERA-GLONASS system, which shortens response time of corresponding services. Granit-navigator-6.18 – is a multifunctional AVL-terminal used not only for traffic accident response, but also for switching additional telematics services. For example, an automobile operating company that buys a new school bus with onboard terminal may connect it without additional expenditures to an existing automatic dispatching and transportation management system, thus providing the children’s safety, video monitoring inside the bus, speed limit control, driving styles, arrival on schedule, remote diagnostics and fuel control.

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A confirmation of ERA-GLONASS terminal, as a vehicle’s component complying with Technical regulation of the Customs Union is carried out in the form of compulsory certification, which states conducting tests in an accredited experimental laboratory. The tests are conducted in accordance with the national standards developed by the NPO «GLONASS» included in the List of standards, approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission on 2 December 2014.

The school buses should also comply with a special GOST R 51160-98. In particular, the body should be yellow in colour, there should be two first aid kits inside it, and passengers’ seats should «face forward in the direction of the bus movement». 

A school modification PAZ 32025-70 complies fully with the GOST R 51160-98 «Buses for children transportation: technical requirements». The bus was designed for 22 children seats, 2 of which are for accompanying adults. An additional step helps the youngest passengers to get on the bus. Inside each bus there are buttons for emergency communication with driver, the driver’s workplace is equipped with outer and inner loudspeaker communication set-ups. All the seats are equipped with special seat belts. The bus has cargo racks for school rucksacks. Special device will not allow vehicle to move with doors open and limit its speed to 60 km/h.

According to the data of the GAZ Group itself, the company holds 65% of children transportation vehicles on the Russian market and was the first to produce vehicles that comply with the GOST R 51160-98. Since 2005, over 16 thousand school busses came off the factory’s conveyor.

Orders for certification of the devices for emergency services calling in case of traffic accidents are still being received from Russian and foreign producers. The GAZ group, a leading country’s producer of light and medium duty commercial automobiles, buses, heavy trucks and cars is a flagship in this activity. The Pavlovo bus factory (a part of the GAZ group), which sold almost 5 thousand buses in 2015 out of 8,9 thousand total made in Russia, was one of the first to commence a certified installation of the ERA-GLONASS equipment in the factory assembly stage.