SpaceTeam has completed the certification of a video surveillance and analytics system in transport designed to ensure transport security

The Сertificate of Сonformity was issued by the Scientific and Production Center "SPECIAL EQUIPMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for a video surveillance and analytics system ST Video.

The certificate confirms that the ST Video system meets the requirements for the functional properties of technical means of ensuring transport security, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 26.09.2016 No. 969. The purpose of the system is to improve the safety of transportation services as well as full compliance with legislation in the field of transport security in terms of collecting and storing video data.

According to Alexey Smyatskih, CEO of SpaceTeam, over the past years the company has been observing the growing interest of customers in video surveillance systems in transport. This is due not only to the requirements to equip certain categories of transport with such systems, but also to the need to solve production tasks of enterprises of various industries with video surveillance and analytics.

"This year we have developed and certified our own ST Video system and plan to actively promote it among our customers, regional partners and dealers in 2022. The video surveillance system is integrated into our industry fleet management solutions, which, in our opinion, significantly increases its efficiency and usability, creating significant advantages for our customers and partners," A. Smyatskih notes.

Currently, video surveillance is mandatory for implementation on vehicles carrying out regular and custom passenger transportation and transportation of dangerous freight. The carrier's duty is to ensure transport safety during the transportation of passengers and dangerous freight. In case of non-compliance with the legislation, the carrier is administratively or criminally liable for non-compliance with transport security requirements.

The certified ST Video system is a complex of technical means of video surveillance and video recording for vehicles of categories M2, M3 (passenger vehicles) and vehicles of category N used for the transportation of dangerous freight.

ST Video system capabilities

- Video monitoring of the personnel status and behaviour , including public transport conductors,

- Video monitoring of cargo safety during transportation;

- Video and photo fixation when the body opening sensor is triggered;

- Getting detailed information about the situation in transport;

- Using video recording data to analyze an accident;

- Provision of video information for law enforcement agencies to search for suspected persons, as well as analysis of conflict situations;

- Continuous video and audio recording of the situation in the interior of the vehicle, starting from the moment the ignition is turned on, etc.

Implementation cases

JSC Vorkutaugol, one of the largest coal mining companies in Russia, part of PJSC Severstal, has equipped vehicles for the transportation of dangerous goods with video surveillance systems. The innovations were installed on specialized vehicles of the Vorkuta Transport Enterprise, a structural division of the coal company. The system provides online video from the vehicles tothe control center with the ability to respond promptly to emergency situations. It is possible to remotely download video files for any past period of time and continuous video and audio recording of the situation inside the vehicle to investigate possible conflict situations. Recording the traffic situation and monitoring the actions of the driver will allow to objectively understand the causes of road accidents. Data from surveillance equipment is recorded on a hard disk and, upon request, can be transmitted to law enforcement and regulatory agencies. "Improving the level of transport security is a priority area of work of Vorkutaugol," says Alexey Alekseychuk, head of the Production and Technical Department of the Vorkuta Transport Enterprise. – The integrated security system has the functions of video surveillance and video recording of incidents. It also allows you to determine the location of transport by signals from GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems. Thanks to this innovation, we fully ensure compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation regarding the collection and storage of video data."

Karelianefteprodukt JSC sells motor fuels at retail through its own network of filling stations and small wholesale consumers from oil depots. Currently, the company's oil and gas facilities consists of Kochkom and Petrozavodsk oil depots. Fuel is transported across several regions of Russia, including hard-to-reach ones, so it is extremely important to ensure a high level of transport security. Transport for the transportation of dangerous goods is equipped with certified video surveillance kits. Among the equipped vehicles are KAMAZ, VOLVO and SCANIA. The installations were carried out in Petrozavodsk. Each car has two cameras installed in the cab (in the direction of movement and on the driver) and 2 cameras outside the cab. Digital smart technologies, including the IoT technologies used in the system, the implementation of constant video monitoring of the driver's condition and work, situational analysis make it possible to urgently prevent any threats on transport, make operational decisions and respond in case of emergency situations.