JSC Karelianefteproduct implemented a certified video surveillance system developed by SpaceTeam

JSC "karelianefteproduct" sells motor fuels at retail through its own network of gas stations and small wholesale consumers from oil depots. Equipped vehicles include KAMAZ, VOLVO and SCANIA, which carry dangerous goods. Each car is equipped with two cameras in the cab (on the road and on the driver) and 2 cameras outside the cab.

"Fuel is transported across several regions of Russia, including those that are difficult to access, so it is extremely important to ensure a high level of transport security", says Alexey Smyatskikh, CEO of SpaceTeam . "I would like to thank the management and employees of Karelianefteproduct for their assistance in implementing the system. I hope that the owners and managers of other transport companies will pay attention to the possibilities of modern video surveillance systems, which not only increase the safety of transport, but also give a direct economic effect".  

The system has video surveillance and incident recording functions, detects the location of transport using signals from GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation systems, and transmits data to the dispatch center in real time. This ensures prompt response to emergency situations and compliance with Russian legislation regarding the collection and storage of video data. The system can remotely download video files for any past period of time and continuously record video and audio of the situation inside the vehicle to investigate possible conflict situations. Recording the traffic situation and monitoring the driver's activities will allow to objectively understand the causes of road accidents.Video data from technical devices is recorded on a hard disk and can be transmitted to law enforcement and regulatory agencies upon request. 

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Installation of certified equipment of ensuring transport security on vehicles was carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 26 September 2016 N 969 "About approval of requirements to the functional properties of technical means of transport security provision and Rules of mandatory certification of technical means of transport security", requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs Union and the RF Government Decree of February 13, 2018 No. 153 "On approval of the Rules for equipping vehicles of categories M2, M3 and n used for the transport of dangerous goods with GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation equipment", namely, the transfer of navigation data to the Federal Authority for Transport Oversight.  

According to this Decree, equipment in the field of transport security and counter-terrorism is subject to mandatory certification. Under the requirements of the Decree, carriers of passengers and dangerous goods are required to install a certified video surveillance system on their vehicles.