Navigation Forum 2019: The Art Of Navigation In The Digital World

On April 23-26, 2019, telematics champions from all over the world met on а single  platform to discuss the most pressing issues of the navigation market development at the XIII International Navigation forum and NaviTech 2019 exhibition.

XIII international Navigation forum "the Art of navigation in the digital world" brought together the leaders of the technology industry. This event has become a long tradition of navigation, space and transport sectors of the economy, insurance telematics, smart urban mobility and transport and logistics services, the central meeting place for all market participants for thirteen years. 900 delegates were registered as participants – representatives of hundreds of companies from Russia, the European Union, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India and China, dozens of world-class experts gathered to discuss strategic issues of the digital economy. 

Plenary discussion "Development of satellite navigation systems. New business models, navigation and digital technologies in the logistics of people and things. National technology initiative" was inaugurated by Alexander Gurko, the President of Noncommercial Partnership "GLONASS", co-head of the working group of NTI "AutoNet", member of the Government Commission on economic modernization and innovative development. 

Gurko AlexHonorary guests of the Plenary Discussion were Arkady Dvorkovich, the Co-chairman of the SKOLKOVO Fund; Rene Pishel, Head of the permanent mission of the European Space Agency in the Russian Federation; Dmitry Peskov, the special representative of Russian President for digital development; Yuri Urlichich, first Deputy General Director of SC "Roscosmos"; Denis Pak, the Director of Department of automotive and railway engineering; Boris Glazkov, Vice-President of the PJSC "Rostelecom"; Tigran Khudaverdyan General Director of Yandex.Taxi; Dmitry Tarasov, Director of sales in Russia and CIS Iridium Communications LLC; Vadim Panarin, Director of practice Arthur D. Little and Sharafat Gadimova, Director of international programs UNOOSA. 

One of the main topics of the plenary discussion was the further development of GLONASS navigation system. Gukeng Chen, the Executive Director of the China Satellite Navigation Office reported about the plans of the international use of the Beidou satellite navigation system. The Forum participants discussed global trends in the field of highly automated vehicles, the prospects of vehicles using autonomous driving technology in Russia. 

Alexander Gurko, the Co-head of the "AutoNet" NTI working group informed about the plans of the working group of NTI "AutoNet" to remove barriers to unmanned transport. According to his information, six companies in 2019 have already expressed an intention to participate in the trials of unmanned vehicles. Now one of these companies is certified and tested by Central scientific research automobile and automotive engine institute "NAMI". The first meeting of the working group on the development of unmanned transport and robotic systems was held in the framework of the XIII International Navigation Forum. 

СпейсТим прдставил на навигационном форуме сертифицированную систему видеонаблюдения на транспортеThe Day 1 program of the XIII International Navigation forum also included the session "Connected mobility. Navigation as the basis of people and things. Digital platforms and big data".  SpaceTeam® introduced certified video surveillance system for transportation of passengers and dangerous cargo (meets the requirements of government Resolution No. 969); Transport Digital Television, an innovative format of broadcasting with reference to vehicle geolocation; end-to-end navigation system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The second day of the XIII International Navigation forum was devoted to the projects of NTI "AutoNet". Dozens of experts from the fields of unmanned transport, regulations and big data processing met at the discussion platform. Discussion was moderated by Alexander Gurko, the President of NP "GLONASS", Co-head of the working group of NTI "AutoNet".

Ягода Мария, Смятских Алексей, Прокофьев Николай на Навигационном форуме 2019