SpaceTeam: Results of 2020

In 2020, SPACETEAM was active in several areas – system integration and development of software products in the field of transport telematics, satellite navigation, digital technologies (Internet of Things, Big Data, end-to-end navigation), creation of elements of intelligent transport systems (ITS), urban mobility systems, networks and infrastructure; R&D; system maintenance; sales of satellite navigation equipment; aftermarket sales of certified video surveillance systems (according to the Resolution No. 969) and various ERA-GLONASS devices.

By 2021, SpaceTeam is among the 15 largest fleet management market players in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe, and among the TOP 20 active players in the airport production asset management systems market (according to Berg Insight, a European analytical agency specializing in M2M/IoT market research).



Смятских Алексей - генеральный директор навигационного холдинга СпейсТим. 17 лет на руководящих постах в навигационной отрасли.According to CEO, Alexey Smyatskih, all SpaceTeam projects is the merit of our navigation team.

"We finished the year of 2020 successfully. Despite the difficulties of the year, the quarantines associated with COVID-19 and remote working, the main achievement of SpaceTeam is the preservation of the competencies of the team, whose high qualifications allowed us to implement the most complex projects. It is worth noting that in 2020, despite all the difficulties of the year, we managed to retain the leading industry specialists and the number of employees".



The company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of complex knowledge-intensive projects. We actively use this experience in carrying out research and development projects on vital and promising areas of automotive technology development. In 2020 SpaceTeam has implemented several R&D projects in the interests of the Roscosmos, NTI "Autonet". The company's application for the status of a participant in the Skolkovo project was approved. Application subject: "Public passenger transport fleet management system with functions for detecting temperature anomalies and pathogenic biological agents Bio- Guardian".



In 2020, contracts were signed with transport companies for the supply of certified equipment for video surveillance systems in transport. Among them are companies that transport dangerous goods and passenger carriers. The supply of video surveillance systems in transport in terms of ensuring the requirements of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 969 of 26.09.2016 on transport security is a promising direction of development. The existing regulatory framework obliges vehicle owners to implement video surveillance systems on passenger transport and transport carrying dangerous goods.



The company continued the progressive development of its product for passenger transport ST Passenger Pro®. For the passenger transportation industry, SpaceTeam offers a comprehensive integrated solution for passenger transport – an ecosystem of digital telematics services, including dispatching and management, video surveillance, ERA-GLONASS, passenger traffic counting, passenger information systems, etc. The integrated solution combines the most advanced navigation and telecommunications technologies such as Big Data, GLONASS/GPS, and IoT. In 2020, the company’s products were actively developed and maintained in various cities and regions, including Bryansk and Kaluga Regions:

- Kaluga Region – 871 routes, 425,786 waypoints, 1,979 timetables, 2,230 vehicles and AVL-devices (subscriber terminals), 5,295,931 coordinate parcels per day.

- Bryansk Region – 229 routes, 91,734 waypoints, 420 timetables, 670 vehicles and AVL-devices (subscriber terminals), 2,121,539 coordinate parcels per day.



In 2020, the development and implementation of a system for Gazpromneft-Snabzhenie LLC for monitoring the transport of contractors continued. The purpose of the system is to control and record the work performed by contractors, to organize a single platform for the customer and contractors, to account for contracts, to monitor the operation of hourly and trunk road vehicles, to control the actual volume of work performed. The contractor control system is a unique project for monitoring the transportation and handling of goods within the company. The system serves 1,800 vehicles engaged in mainline transportation, and equipment working at facilities, including hard-to-reach regions, in 7 branches of 50 contractors.



ERA-GLONASS devices are delivered to the car aftermarket directly and through the established network of ERA Plus authorized service centers throughout the Russian Federation. The company is one of the three leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of emergency call devices ERA-GLONASS and occupies 30% of the market by the number of installed devices.



During 2020, our software products were significantly improved. Special attention was paid to our web application for automating the process of monitoring and managing, aggregating and storing analytical data on mobile and stationary objects ST Flagman Web®. New digital services have been launched, including monitoring of contractors, remote technical inspection of vehicles, and automated medical pre-trip driver examination.



In 2020, the company launched a new software product ST AviOn®. The solution was presented at the international industry forum of the latest digital solutions for the aviation industry NETWORK Aviation IT Forum-2020. The system uses innovative approaches to the digital transformation of airports.

The basis of the proposed solution is the digital telematics platform for big data collection ST Matrix Pro®. The location of objects is determined based on GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation technologies. Big Data technologies are used to collect and process data from vehicles, pedestrian performers, and stationary sensors. The machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies used in the ST Connect® platform are used to collect data on the location of indoor objects.

The system also implements gateways to aircraft location systems and other systems for determining the location of objects already implemented at the airport. The core of the system is the ST IDEa® application platform and the Station industry solution developed using it, which automates the monitoring and control of mobile objects on the airport territory, performs their visualization and provides analytical data.



SpaceTeam is actively developing digital navigation services for the river and sea fleet. A fuel control system on ships (SKRT-River), a digital navigation light with the function of satellite monitoring and control of buoys have been developed, and automated dispatchers ' workstations have been created. The vessels of Rosmorrechflot are equipped with telematics equipment, the software of the situation center of the Moscow Canal has been developed. The SKRT-River system has been approved by the Russian River Register for use on waterway vessels. The navigation lamp has been certified in the system of voluntary certification of the Russian River Register, which confirms that the products meet the stated requirements and characteristics that ensure their consumer properties and safety. In 2020, service support was provided for SKRT-River systems of the Azov-Don, Amur, Belomorkanal, and Kamvodput water basins.



During the year, SLA contracts were signed and technical support was provided to hundreds of companies in various industries: intercity and international transportation, passenger and water transport, oil and gas and fuel and energy complexes, mining and metallurgical enterprises, airports and passenger transportation, regional navigation and information systems (RNIS). SpaceTeam is aimed at innovative development, integration of technologies, creation of products and solutions based on new technologies that are in demand by the market: embedded automotive OEM solutions, telematics services for cargo and passenger transport, development of commercial services based on the ERA-GLONASS system, IoT technologies, high-precision positioning systems, environmental monitoring, intelligent transport systems (ITS), traffic management systems, innovative solutions for the digital transformation of smart cities.