SpaceTeam: Results of 2022

2022 is the year of "safe" digital services including video surveillance and video analytics on transport, emergency collision prevention, driver monitoring and assistance services. According to Alexey Smyatskikh, CEO of SpaceTeam, in 2022 the company achieved not only significant results in terms of implementing security systems, but also actively continued to develop our flagship platform ST Matix and the ecosystem of telematics services ST Flagman Web. At the same time, we ensured the transfer of our software products to the use of technologies free from sanctions risks, significantly strengthened the team of developers and IT specialists.

Смятских Алексей Анатольевич - ведущий топ-менеджер отрасли спутниковой навигации, генеральный директор СпейсТим

"And, of course, such results can be achieved only with a strong and professional team. Therefore, for us, the most important achievement of the past year is our team of specialists, which in 2022 has been significantly strengthened by new R&D developers of software and telematic equipment, IT specialists and  project managers. Due to the renewal of the team of specialists, the appearance of new employees, the company has gained new competencies. This has had a positive effect on the inclusion of new high-tech products in our product line," says Alexey Smyatskikh.

In 2022, SpaceTeam entered the list of IT companies with state accreditation (Decision of the Ministry of Digital Development and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, dated 04.03.2022 No. AO-20220303-3737054133-3).

"2022 was a difficult year for business in the new economic realities. Supply chains were being rebuilt, old partners left, new ones appeared. New relationships were being built," notes Andrey Platonov, First Deputy CEO of SpaceTeam. “A number of complex projects have been implemented, some others are under development and are already ready for implementation in 2023. New large and promising customers have appeared.”



The ST Matix® server digital telematics platform for large automotive data is entered the register of the Russian software of the Ministry of Communications and is available on the Russian software marketplace. The platform is used to build a telematics system of any complexity at enterprises of various industries. ST Matix® ensures the operation of industry automated transport monitoring systems based on GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO and BEIDOU satellite navigation technologies. The platform supports on-board navigation and communication equipment from various manufacturers, uses Big Data arrays in analysis, forecasting, modeling, predictive diagnostics and statistics.

In 2022 we ensured the transfer of our software products to the use of technologies free from sanctions risks, significantly strengthened the team of developers and IT specialists.

"Continuing the development of our flagship software products – the ST Matix® telematics platform and the ST Flagman Web® ecosystem of digital services, we have ensured the migration of software products to the use of technologies free from sanctions risks. The transition to the Astra Linux OS and the PostgreSQL DBMS is dictated by the requirements of the absence of these risks and is a prerequisite for Russian software," says Nikolai Kreitser, head of the Projects Technical Support Department of SpaceTeam.



Throughout 2022, we have significantly expanded the functionality of our flagship telematics services platform ST Flagman Web®, designed to automate the process of monitoring and management, aggregation and storage of analytical data on mobile and stationary objects. In particular, together with a partner, Advanced Payment Solutions, Ltd.  we launched a new telematics service for managing fuel cards. The digital service provides convenience of using fuel cards, 100% control of fuel consumption, which gives fuel savings to fleet owners from 10 to 30%.



In 2022, the company achieved significant results in terms of the integration  of video surveillance systems in transport. The certified video surveillance system ST Video® in terms of meeting the requirements of Government Decrees No. 969 and 1640 provides online video monitoring of the health status and behaviour of personnel, obtaining detailed information about the situation in transport, continuous video and audio recording of the situation in the interior of the vehicle, starting from the moment the ignition is turned on. The certificate of conformity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia was received. During the year, the system was implemented on vehicles of a dozen enterprises of various industries.

"We see great potential in the development of this direction and continue to develop ST Video® software, expand the range of equipment," says Alexey Smyatskikh, CEO of SpaceTeam.



Another solution that we presented to the market in 2022 is an adaptive blind spot monitoring system for the ST Video® 360 based on smart all–round cameras with a “fisheye” lens. The purpose of the system is to prevent and predict emergency events, ensure safe driving, reduce the risks of car damage and accidents. The system uses innovative technologies. Modern cameras with a Sony sensor and a 180-degree viewing angle form a top view, which allows the driver to simultaneously control all blind spots, placing additional emphasis on the zone that is most dangerous during the maneuver. The system has the ability to connect to a DVR, AHD/CVBS /HDMI outputs. The system is adapted to all types of transport, including buses, dump trucks, special vehicles, housing and communal services, etc. The cameras are easy to install, quickly calibrated, and have a wide range of settings.



In 2022, we launched a new integrated local driver safety and collision prevention solution ST CAS®, based on transport telematics, intelligent video analytics and video surveillance technologies. ST CAS (Collision avoidance system) is an automatic safety system of local action, ensures the prevention of negative scenarios in transport instead of dealing with the consequences, ensures the safety and control of drivers in "smart" cities, provides timely assistance to the driver. During the year, the solution was presented at several major events – URBAN MOBILITY FORUM, Navigation Forum and "Sphere" Congress, "Autonet" forum.



In 2022 ST Video M-DMS  camera for the digital driver control service manufactured by SpaceTeam has passed tests for the safety for the driver's health. The sanitary and epidemiological examination confirmed that the video camera of the video surveillance and analytics system on transport ST Video M-DMS complies with the standards and requirements approved by the decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 299 dated 28.05.2010. The ST Video M-DMS video camera is designed to work in a video surveillance and analytics system for vehicles. It is installed on vehicles to provide video surveillance, video and audio recording of events inside vehicles with the ability to display images and remotely view video data, archive and store them, as well as notification and communication by a dispatcher. The purpose of the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is remote verification and monitoring of driver fatigue in order to identify, prevent and predict emergency events, improve safety, reduce the risks of car damage and accidents; evidence-based monitoring



In 2022, we completed the development and launched the new STAB Liner 201 transport monitoring terminal into mass production and mass sales. The STAB Liner 201 telematics GLONASS terminal provides maximum functions at an optimal market price, suitable for carrier companies  focused on online transport monitoring and transport safety. The new device has a high degree of reliability, while using technologies useful to the user, including GLONASS navigation, RS-232, RS-485, 1-WIRE, CAN ports, built-in battery, a large number of inputs for connecting peripheral devices, Bluetooth 4.0 for working with wireless sensors, 2 SIM, etc. The simple installation of the device makes the terminal convenient for installation and further maintenance. STAB ® Liner 201 is designed to solve any vehicle fleet management tasks – classic monitoring, mileage control, voice communication with the driver, fuel consumption monitoring by connecting a fuel level sensor, tire pressure monitoring and other functions.



The system is relevant for use at enterprises with increased requirements for explosion safety of electrical equipment, including in underground coal mines and their ground structures, hazardous for mine gas (methane) and combustible dust, at enterprises of the petrochemical and oil and gas complex. The solution provides monitoring and control of personnel, transport, and other movable production equipment, including in rooms where navigation signals of GLONASS and GPS satellite systems are not available; control of the use of personal protective equipment (PPE); control of the movement of material assets. The system uses a complex of explosion-proof equipment. It includes an industrial smartphones and NFC tags. The explosion safety of the equipment is confirmed by certificates of compliance of the equipment with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of equipment for work in explosive environments" (TR/CU 012 2011).



2022 is the year of RNIS active implementation in the RF regions. The regional navigation and information system RNIS of the Chechen Republic on the basis of the SpaceTeam telematics platform  has expanded its functionality. Citizens of the Republic receive information about the arrival of public transport online. Digital information boards are installed at "smart" public transport stops, which in real time report on the arrival time of transport, taking into account traffic and predicting the situation on the roads. Electronic panels also display the transport schedule. Each passenger can promptly find the number of their bus and find out how much time is left before its arrival. The direction, starting and ending stops are displayed on the panel.

RNIS is actively developing in the Penza region. Completion and adaptation of unique industry reports of the ST Passenger® transportation management system to the Customer's requirements has been carried out. Within the framework of using the system, the task of assessing compliance with mandatory requirements in the field of organization of regular transportation by urban ground road and electric transport in the region is being solved. In total, about 2,000 objects are connected to the system. Among them are about 1,200 fixed-route taxis, 522 passenger buses, 91 trolleybuses and other vehicles.



During the year, service contracts were signed and information and technical support was provided to hundreds of companies in various industries: intercity and international transportation, passenger and water transportation, oil and gas and  fuel and energy complexes, mining and metallurgical enterprises, airports and passenger transportation, regional navigation and information systems (RNIS).



Regarding the development of the partner network in 2022, we held many closed meetings and webinars for partners, teaching them how to work with our new products. In addition, an open webinar from the Open SpaceTeam® Webinar series took place in March. At the webinar, we told how to make fleet monitoring simple, understandable and as profitable as possible, about effective fleet management tools, how to monitor the fuel balance, ensure preventive safety of drivers, how to quickly get a positive economic result from the implemented technologies in terms of the development of the classic ST Flagman Web® transport monitoring system.