SpaceTeam® is in the TOP 10 of leading IT suppliers for transport and aviation companies

SpaceTeam GLONASS is in the TOP 10 of leading IT (GLONASS/GPS)  suppliers for transport and aviation companies SpaceTeam GLONASS is in the TOP 10 of leading IT (GLONASS/GPS) suppliers for transport and aviation companies

According to CNews Analytics ratings published in September 2015, SpaceTeam is included in the top ten due to the several large innovative projects based on of satellite GLONASS/GPS navigation technologies.

As stated in the report of the CNews the past year has been difficult for the Russian transport industry. Because of the sanctions the volume of foreign freight traffic fell, followed by significant decrease of domestic traffic as well. The crisis led to the decline of internal and external passenger flows, people began to drive less. As noted by all experts and market players surveyed by CNews, the situation resulted in IT budgets decrease, the main blow fell on new investment IT projects. The main costs are focused on supporting the existing infrastructure. According to experts the main drivers of IT demand for transport are the GLONASS, the 2018 World Cup and the construction of roads. Among major trends is the development of information systems for transport infrastructure management, including using data from AVL terminals.

Alex Smyatskih - CEO SpaceTeam GLONASS According to Alexey Smyatskikh, the head of SpaceTeam®, high results of the Holding in the ratings is a merit of the whole team, industry professionals, leading developers of innovative navigation services. “We have a clear understanding of the demand for industrial products, customized to business processes of a particular industry. And even so, each project necessarily requires certain modifications to the specifics of a particular customer and thoughtful implementation. Therefore, companies of the holding constantly invest in the creation and development of hardware and software systems for various industries using its own or hired transport. The development of microelectronics, the ever-expanding possibilities for data transmission, allow to receive, process and transmit the increasing volumes of information from/to the vehicles. Recieving, processing and analyzing the data, we provide customers new services, thus increasing the financial return on invested funds", – said Alexey Smyatskikh.

Svetlana Khadonova - SpaceTeam GLONASS, marketing director “For example, LBA technology (Location Based Advertising) is now becoming very popular and actively developing. This is a geotargeting technology, or the binding of necessary information to the specific location of the object (for example, a vehicle or a particular zone within the shopping centre). With the integration of GLONASS technologies and LBA we can and are ready to offer to passenger carriers a comprehensive solution that will allow them to have extra income from advertising services in vehicles or from rental of advertising spaces as well as to increase the quality and safety of transportation”, – added Svetlana Khadonova, SpaceTeam® Marketing Director.