SpaceTeam® final 2014 results

In 2014 SpaceTeam®  company present more than 30 new navigational devices. Were launched many new large GLONASS projects such as GAZ Group, Domodedovo airport, “Norilskiy Nikel”, Russian Railways, Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia etc.

For SpaceTeam® 2014 became a year of innovations in software development, integrate solutions, services and new stage in expansion to the new markets. New flagman software solution for transport companies were developed, line of navigational equipment was expanded. Company has launched new unique solution for public transportation – informational and advertisement system with geo targeting function. More than 17 research and development projects in road transportation infrastructure management using GLONASS-based technology were completed. SpaceTeam®  specialists have launched complex navigational information projects in interest of GAZ Group,  Domodedovo Airport, “Norilskiy Nikel”, Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia and more other.

SpaceTeam® developers in 2014 presented new version of ST CrossPoint ® software. Functional of solution was expanded and it became even more flexible and customer needs oriented. Unique algorithms and rich experience make available customer to control over fuel consumption in real time. Number of industry plug-ins and reports was expanded.

Our specialists developed cloud solution with Web-based user interface Flagman Web®. New service allowed our clients to manage their business process from any computer or tablet, connected to Internet.

Last year SpaceTeam launched 31 new navigational terminals for mass and niche markets such as: STAB® Mini 20/200/210; STAB® Liner 109/110 IR; combined telematics terminal STAB® Combo 100/200; autonomous terminals STAB® Marker 100/110; Vook-Mayak/ Vook-Mayak-C; logger STAB® Logger/Logger T; ERA – GLONASS terminal Granit Naigator 4.10 ERA; Accessories and sensors  STAB® A-MOTOR, STAB® A-LOOK, STAB® A-Voice, STAB® A-CAN etc.

Another new solution, provided by SpaceTeam® for public transportation is advertisement and information system, based on technologies of geo targeting LBA+Media. Passengers in Moscow Area now can enjoy getting news and information during their journey. Multimedia interactive devices, installed in the bus shows geo targeted information and advertisement. This method was tested and shown it effectiveness in the Europe.

ERA GLONASS is a one of most important project in Russia. Together with leading Russian and Western automobile manufacturers SpaceTeam® has provided tests of Era GLONASS terminals. During the tests were checked such parameters as preciseness of the positioning (position, direction, speed of the vehicle) and efficiency of sending alarm message to the 112 Emergency Service. All tests were passed successfully and show perfect SpaceTeam® Era GLONASS terminals.

Implementation of tachographs is necessarily on the vehicles in Russia from 2014. Ability to install these equipment to the cars can be granted only to organisations, that can provide highly qualified personell and provide high quality of the work. In 2014 SpaceTeam® has got the status of tachographs workshop. To provide our clients with service all around Russia, we gathered pool of the tachographs workshops  all around the state, using our partnership network. Together with leading tachographs manufacturers such as Continental and ATOL Drive, SpaceTeam developed complex solutions, that integrates tachograph and monitoring functions in one device.

In 2014 were launched important international projects in such countries as Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, UAE etc.

Смятских.jpg“In 2014 SpaceTeam® saved leadership on telematics market and continue as to improve existing industry solutions, as well to present new ones. To provide our customers with new abilities and services, we’ve expanded line of our terminals, for example we presented to the market new budget line of terminals to cut our client’s costs. SpaceTeam specialists have launched many big projects all around Russia. Especcially I would mark Chechen Republic. It’s a first region in Russia, that launching whole functional Regional Navigational Information System (RNIS).  It was very challenging year but as a whole we finishing it wish good results.”– said General Director of the SpaceTeam® Holding Alexey Smyatskikh.