SpaceTeam® OPENSPACE Club 2019 Partnership Conference

Navigation conference OPENSPACE Club 2019 - SpaceTeam Navigation conference OPENSPACE Club 2019 - SpaceTeam

Navigation conference OPENSPACE Club 2019 was held in Moscow Aria on March, 2019. The conference was organized by SpaceTeam®.

OPENSPACE Club 2019 – a friendly regular meeting of the SpaceTeam® regional dealers and partners network. This is a dialogue about new possibilities, products and ideas, about the team that creates all the conditions for the successful development of joint business.

More than 40 participants from 30 cities from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Kaliningrad discussed the hottest navigation issues of the spring during the annual partnership conference. Participants of the meeting-owners and top-managers of the companies-telematics operators, system integrators of navigation and information systems, IT companies in the development of transport security systems, representatives of companies that assess the vulnerability of transport infrastructure and vehicles.

Among the issues discussed in the business program: Navigation conference OPENSPACE Club 2019 - SpaceTeam Navigation conference OPENSPACE Club 2019 - SpaceTeam

  • What is happening in the modern market of transport telematics and satellite navigation, what are the trends of its development? Digital transformation. Autonet National Technology Initiative.
  • Resolution of the RF Government No. 969 and No. 924. What awaits the transport security market, what are the benefits and benefits for the client-the carrier of passengers and dangerous cargo? Certified system of video surveillance and registration on transport M2media.Video is the latest solution on the market for transport security.
  • How to develop the product line SpaseTeam®? Development of the ST Flagman Web® navigation platform. New hosting features. New opportunities for our partners. 
  • How to develop the technology SpaseTeam®? Artificial intelligence technology and seamless (end-to-end) navigation. Fleet managment system and control of personnel and transport outside and inside the premises (Indoor / Outdoor-navigation), etc. 

SpaceTeam - navigation company"OPENSPACE Club 2019 is a meeting of friends, united for many years by one general idea-to be an innovator, to introduce digital technologies and innovations into our lives, to make it comfortable and safe, to keep up with the times. Thanks to all our partners who came to us from different parts of Russia and the CIS, and took an active part in our friendly spring meeting", – says Svetlana Khadonova, Marketing Director of SpaceTeam®.

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