SpaceTeam presents another technological novelty – a system of end-to-end navigation based on artificial intelligence

The system will determine the location of a person or а car without connecting to a navigation satellite. Now you can you can track the movement of personnel in the building or on the territory, identify unauthorized vehicle maintenance, illegal movement in a closed area.

In fact, this system allows you to determine the location of the object in any place, even underground where the satellite signal does not penetrate. It is not just about experimental development or testing, but about the successful application of the system at the service station of one of the German car manufacturers. Industrial use of the technology has helped to reduce the company's costs by hundreds of thousands of rubles per month.

The system of end-to-end navigation (indoor/outdoor) is designed to automate the monitoring and control of personnel and equipment in production facilities and outdoor territories and is effectively used at vehicle service stations and in dealerships to control the movement of serviced vehicles and personnel, in industrial enterprises, in the construction industry to control the work of subcontractors and construction equipment, oil and gas companies.

The system uses a universal intelligent telematics platform, which ensures getting  information  from various mobile objects, its aggregation, processing and location determination, storage and transmission of this information to navigation and information systems

The platform is versatile and allows the use of various technologies and sensors to determine the location of mobile objects in the premises, including iBeacons (Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol), RFID tags and ultrasonic sensors.

The system uses innovative digital  technologies including- BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, M2M, end-to-end navigation, it is possible to combine local and global navigation in a single interface. The accuracy of determining the location of objects - up to the room. Large rooms are divided into zones. The system works smoothly in cold and humid areas.

A new device is connected to the system – a Smart watch for monitoring personnel location and health. The system of personnel control based on the new mobile application developed  by SpaceTeam for smart watches based on Android OS allows to solve the tasks of fixing the location of employees and to control their current health status by analyzing  the heart rate sensors built into the smart watch. If an employee with a watch is in a danger zone, the employee will be automatically alerted. The use of such technologies in conjunction with the technologies of classical satellite monitoring based on GLONASS allows the management and control of production assets in a single interface. This solution is in demand in the oil and gas and fuel and energy sector to optimize production processes, minimize costs by up to 30%, effectively control contractors and ensure safety during production.