The new telematic AVL-terminal developed by SpaceTeam has been put into serial production

The STAB Liner 201 is a telematics GLONASS/GPS AVL-terminal which provides maximum functions at an optimal market price. The terminal is designed to determine the location of the vehicle, receive information about the condition of the nodes and aggregates of vehicles and transmit this data to a telematics server via a GSM communication channels. The device ensures the safety of passenger and cargo transportation and is suitable for carrier companies with any fleet focused on monitoring transport online.

Alexey Smyatskikh, CEO of SpaceTeam, notes: "We tried to make a reliable vandal-resistant terminal in the original case, the functionality of which covers the needs of 90-95% of customers. We succeeded, and now we have launched a new on-board device into mass production. The first serial batches of the terminal are already being shipped to our customers."

According to Svetlana Hadonova, Marketing Director of SpaceTeam, the new highly reliable device provides maximum functions at an optimal price, including GLONASS navigation, RS-232, RS-485, 1-WIRE, CAN ports, built-in battery, maximum number of inputs for connecting peripheral devices, Bluetooth 4.0 for working with wireless sensors, 2 SIM and others. The straightforward installation of the device makes the terminal convenient for installation and further maintenance.

STAB® Liner 201 is designed to solve any vehicle fleet management tasks, including classic fleet management, mileage monitoring, voice communication with the driver, fuel consumption monitoring by connecting a fuel level sensor, tire pressure control and other functions.

Anna Zolotoverkhova, Head of the Analytical Department, comments: "When creating our new terminal, we relied on our many years of experience and took into account all the basic needs and wishes of consumers. As a result, it turned out to be a competitive terminal for use in various fields – utilities sector, agriculture, construction, etc."

In addition to the basic functions required in the field of classical fleet management, the terminal has a number of features, including:

• the housing provides protection for connectors for connecting additional devices , antennas and power;

• the case has special structural elements for sealing with a metal seal;

• it is possible to connect a wireless headset via Bluetooth for two-way communication with the driver;

• availability of GLONASS /GSM signal jamming detectors.