Should you need any urgent technical assistance from SpaceTeam®:

File an application through the e-mail address

Call us +7 (495) 782-39-16

Help Desk working hours
Monday – Friday, 9 am – 7 pm Moscow Time
If you signed a contract with one of the local dealers, please, contact the dealer’s office.

Technical support request instructions

  • A request is initiated via the e-mail address:

  • To ensure an efficient response, please include into your request:

    • detailed issue description

    • rate of occurrence

    • severity level

  • Please, also attach any respective software log file excerptions and screenshots illustrating the issue.


If the monitoring data feed fails to stream from all the transport units:

  • Check the operator console connection to telematics server

  • Make sure the onboard terminal SIM-card balance is positive, data transmission services are enabled and the equipment is within the cell coverage area

If the data feed fails to stream from a single transport unit:

  • Check whether the vehicle is on maintenance

  • Check the onboard unit’s SIM-card balance

In case the dispatcher software fails to start:

  • Check the software access permissions

If the problem persists, contact the technical support service via phone or e-mail

SpaceTeam® technical support for clients

Throughout the contract lifespan SpaceTeam® provides the clients with the general service support within the territories of Russia and CIS.

We are committed to client-centered convergent approach, which includes:

  • Consulting on the matter of the fleet monitoring system operation

  • Consulting on the matter of GLONASS hardware and peripheral navigation equipment operation and configuration

  • Consulting on the matter of transport monitoring software installation, administration and operation

  • Client’s staff training and consulting on the matter of software updates and the ST Matix® telematics platform

  • Analysis of the monitoring software log files, troubleshooting and counseling

  • Updating the server and client software

  • System reconfiguration due to the license expansion

  • Remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and counseling

  • Server and client software administrating failure recovery

Important to know:

Depending on the type of hardware, GLONASS navigation and communication gear is provided with 1 to 3 year manufacturer warranty.

SpaceTeam® informational and technical support for dealers

Throughout the contract life SpaceTeam® provides the dealers with informational and technical support.

  • The informational and technical support terms and conditions are stated in the contract

  • Every dealer is provided with a base free service package, as well as the extra value package for a fixed monthly fee

  • Find out more about the SpaceTeam informational and technical support terms and conditions through the email addresses:

    • In CIS and former Soviet Republics – Svetlana Khadonova

SpaceTeam® dealer’s technical support

+7 (495) 782-39-16

Working hours:
Monday – Friday, 9 am – 7 pm Moscow time

Important to know:

The following is not included into technical support services:

  • Local area network setup

  • Installation and setup of the operating systems, drivers, MS Office package, or other third-party client software

  • GLONASS hardware or fleet management software purchase advisory services